Amongst the 37 blue flags within the Kvarner bay area, as many as 15 of them can be seen flying over the island of Krk.

Zgribnica beach-Vrbnik:On the southern coast of the Island of Krk is placed a small port and a settlement Vrbnik. This is an ideal place for a vacation and a rest from your everyday life. The entire region of Vrbnik hides many nice pebbly beaches, and the most famous is the beach in the bay Zgribnica which is awarded with a Blue flag.

It is located in a deep bay, with a pebbly entrance to the sea, and parts of the beach as well as the promenade are arranged and safe. On the beach are cabins and showers, and in the restaurant are offered many meals and refreshing drinks. Along the coast are spreading many smaller beaches where everyone can find his place far from other poeple and enjoy in summer joys.

Potovosce beach-Vrbnik:Vrbnik is a small picturesque settlement on the hill beneath which are many beautiful natural bays and sandy beaches. One of the most beautiful is the beach Potovosce, located in a hidden bay.The beach is pebbly and the sea is crystal clean which provides you an amazing pleasure. There are bar, showers and a possibility to rent a deck chairs and parasols on the beach. Above the beach is a parking area in case you are coming with a car, and then you will have to walk down through a pine wood to get to the beach. The beach is ideal for families with kids, but also for all those who want to stay in touch with the nature.If you want some privacy, you can go by the coast where you will discover many smaller bays, which are perfect for running away from the crowds.

Sv.Marko beach-Risika:In a small settlement Risika, near Vrbnik, is located a beautiful sandy beach in a bay Sv. Marko. It is ideal for families with small kids who can carelessly play in the sand. There are no bigger crowds on the beach so you can enjoy in the sun and clean sea. By the coast are hidden other smaller pebbly bays which can be discovered if you have a personal boat.

The beach Sv. Marko is a great choice for a vacation in a beautiful nature and crystal blue sea, which will stay in your memory for a long time.

In a protected bay which is shielded by the mountain Velebit, spreads a long pebbly beach Vela plaza which is awarded with a Blue flag. Everyone can find here its place to take a rest or to have fun. Some parts of the beach are sandy which is great for kids. Young people will be attracted by the sounds of a music that comes from attractive bars on the beach. There are offered also many activities on the sea, and you can rent a pedal boat, scooters and other. Here is also an aquagan and one high slide for the braver ones.Near the beach you can find many snack-bars, shops and restaurants. Vela plaza is an ideal place where you can expect to find a lots of fun and memories.

Bucnuluka beach :On the Island of Krk, near the town of Baska is located a well known naturist camp Buculuka. In the camp you can find a lot of fun facilities and arranged objects, and going closer to the sea through the thick Mediterranean herbs, you will get to a beautiful naturist beach. The beach is pebbly and surrounded with pine trees which provide shade. The camp is arranged in modern way and it has a shop and restaurant. Cristal blue sea and a beautiful environment offer you a real vacation from your everyday life, which you'll remember for a long time.

FKK Konobe beach-Punat:On the southern side of the Island of Krk in a protected bay is placed Porat, with a beautiful pebbly beaches from which one of them is reserved for naturist. Only 3km from this place you can find a famous naturist camp Konobe. Beneath it stretches a long pebbly naturist beach which is awarded with a Blue flag. On the beach you can find parts in shade to hide from the summer heats. In the camp you will find a great choice for fun and recreation, and also a few quality gastronomic establishments. Fkk beach Konobe is a favourite swimming spot of many naturists, which can enjoy in the naked nature and quality of tourist offer.

Stara Baska is placed on the southern part of the Island of Krk, 10 kilometers southern from Punat. In a wild natural landscape is located on of the most beautiful beaches on the Island of Krk. You can get to the beach by a boat, and if you are coming with a car you will have to walk down the paths which are leading to the sea.

Stara Baska beach:It is surrounded with a sharp rocks and low vegetation. The smell of salt and small white stones, as well as beautiful clean sea will fascinate you with their beauties. The beach is ideal for all those who don't like crowds and don't need any extra facilities. By the coast you can find many smaller hidden bays if you have a boat.

On the Island of Krk, in a settlement Cizici, is located a famous muddy beach Meline. The beach is covered with dried medicinal mud and little short bushes. It stretches along the coast and connects with other beaches, on which you can always find a place for your deck chair. On the beach you will be able to see people enjoying in the sun covered with mud from head to heel. To refresh yourself in the sea you will have to go approx. 10 meters away from the beach. Smooth land on the beach is perfect for playing volleyball or football. Above the beach, on the road, there is a smaller restaurant where you can have a cold drink or an icecream. The only lack is that there is no shade on the beach, so you'll have to bring by yourself all to be protected from the sun. 

The bay Soline on the Island of Krk is a well known tourist destination which has sandy beaches with medicinal mud. The beaches are sandy with same paved parts. The famous ones are Meline and Komoriska, which are big and sandy with holes with medicinal mud.

The beach in a place Soline is partly paved and has an arranged entrance to the sea. Out of the bay is a rocky coast with few hidden beaches that can be found if you have a boat. The bay Soline is an ideal choice for a vacation in a beautiful nature.

On the Island of Krk, in the bay Soline which is famous for the beach Meline with medicinal mud, are placed few beautiful smaller beaches. The most famous are in the bay Meline, Soline and Komoriska.

The beach Komoriska is covered with fine sand, and stretches approx. 30 meters along the sea. Here you can relax by the sound of the sea on the soft sand under the sun or in the shade of the pine trees. The beach is perfect for families with kids.

In the place Soline are few restaurants where you can refresh yourself. The coast beyond the bay Soline is full of small rocky beaches on which will be only you and crystal sea.


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