Beaches on Krk, in Baska and other settlements

Apart for the rich cultural and historic heritage Krk can also be proud of the beautiful beaches out of which a great number has the blue flag as a symbol of extraordinary preservations of environment and beach cleanliness. For the bigger part, Krk has gravely beaches out of which many are in coves away from the crowds.

Let’s start from the settlement Krk in which four beaches have the mentioned blue flag. The first one, a gravely beach Porporela-Ježevac has a wide range of additional contents and entrance suitable for the handicapped.


The beach Plav is a gravely beach with concrete parts. Apart from the basics, Plav has a cafe bar and its possible to rent out boats. Beaches Portapisana, Punta di galetto and Borik are a combination of gravel and concrete and there are catering facilities in the vicinity.


The next beach on our list, Dražica, has a sandy seabed, natural shade and it is possible to rent out parasols, deck chairs and boats or you can have a bite to eat in one of the facilities located on the beach. Next to the mentioned beach in Redagara cove there is a bathing spot where pets are allowed. The beach itself is gravely and the seabed is sandy. It also has showers. In the vicinity you can also find a nudist beach Tomaževo. It is a gravely beach with concrete parts and natural shade. It has basic contents, showers and a parking lot in the vicinity. Only 2 km from the Krk city centre lies a gravely beach Dunat also a bearer of the blue flag that also has various addendums (children’s playground, catering offer, a parking lot). The gravely beach Jert is in the vicinity of the ferry dock Valbiska. It has natural shade and is equipped with additional contents and there is a parking lot next to the beach.

In Baska you can find one of the most beautiful Adriatic beaches, the 1800m long Vela plaža that stretches through the whole settlement. This beach has been an owner of the blue flag for many years now and in the vicinity you can find cafes, restaurants and pizzerias. Also here you can rent out deck chairs, parasols, pedal boats and windsurfing boards Other Baska beaches are also gravely and in the vicinity you can find an auto camp and a nudist beach Bunculuka.

In the settlement of Omisalj the most famous of all beaches is the blue flagged Pesja. Pesja is covered with tiny pebbles and sand and is as such suitable for children. There is shade, a cafe bar and in the vicinity you can park your car.

Beaches in Njivice are either covered in gravel or stone. Sunset is one of the famous beaches where you can rent deck chairs and pedal boats or refresh yourself in cocktail bars on the beach. Next one, beach Jadran is also a proud carrier of the blue flag for many years now and it’s a combination of gravely and concrete parts.

When talking about the blue flag, in the settlement Malinska, beach Rupa has the mentioned privilege because of its crystal clear sea and additional content. Rupa is covered in gravel and has concrete parts while the beaches Rova and Riu are covered in pebbles and lack shade and content. Malin beach is a concrete beach with a cafe bar and entertainment contents for children.

In Vrbnik beaches are not so close to the centre of settlement but are located in the nearby coves that will thrill you with their clean sea. Zgribnica is the main beach. It is covered in gravel with concrete parts and has a restaurant and a cafe bar as well as rentable deck chairs, parasols and pedal boats. If you take a stroll down the pine forest you will find a somewhat distant beach Kozica. Apart from the mentioned we recommend you visit the beach Potovšće that is 2 km away from Vrbnik centre located in a cove reachable by car. In the season you will have to pay for the parking but the beach will offer enjoyment in return. It has showers, a cafe bar and rentable deck chairs and parasols. There is no shade and lovers of solitude can find gravely and rocky beaches in hidden coves in the vicinity.

The beautiful sandy beach Sv. Marak is located in Riska, 7 km away from Vrbnik. The main beach in Šilo is beach Pećine that also carries the blue flag. It is sandy with concrete parts and we recommend it for vacationing with children. There are catering facilities in the beach vicinity.

In the nearby Soline cove the most popular beaches are Melina and Komoriška, both sandy beaches characteristic for therapeutic mud used in medical purposes. They are favourite among families with children because of the shoals and warm sea.
We must add that in Šilo there is another beach allowed for pets.